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meet the people of MFC

We are a team of women and men, physicians, nurses, business people, educators, counselors and clergy.   We are connected through our shared passion for women’s health, marriage, and the dignity of the human person. We believe that by properly integrating an understanding of fertility awareness into healthcare, women will be better served, and better understood.

“Most patients who seek my help in conceiving have exhausted their financial resources with failed IVF attempts or have suffered recurrent pregnancy losses. Their diagnoses range from premature ovarian failure to ‘unexplained infertility.’ All infertility patients have a diagnosis. I simply have to connect the dots. Most have ovulatory or implantation disorders, which are correctable.”
~ Dr. Mary Martin, OB/GYN, Oklahoma City, OK

 Modern Fertility Care offers a variety of Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) backed by modern science. Each approach offers unique tools for women of all ages and varied cycles, to empower them to understand their own natural health. 

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