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Support Your Body After a Pregnancy Loss

by Dr. Jolene Brighten


Your body needs time to heal. Be as tender with yourself as you would if you were postpartum, but maybe with even more emotional support.

  • Rest: Your body goes through many shifts during pregnancy and depending on how far along you are, these can be substantial. Take time to rest. If you had an injury you’d have no problem taking time to recover. In this instance, your emotional heart has been injured and your body needs time to do what it is designed to do.


  • Nourish & Hydrate: Eat meals with protein, vegetables, and complex carbohydrates to support your body in healing. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids and consider bone broth or other nutrive beverages.


  • Autoimmunity: Autoimmunity can flare in the weeks following a miscarriage. If you know you have autoimmunity or you’re having symptoms that don’t feel right, please see your doctor.


  • Continue Your Prenatal: Continuing your prenatal can help you get the nutrients your body needs and will continue to support you should you decide to try again in the future.


  • Consider Adrenal Assistance: During stressful situations, supporting your adrenal glands with B vitamins and adaptogenic herbs can be beneficial to overall hormonal health. You can check out our Adrenal Support (am energy) and Adrenal Calm (pm restful sleep) formulas.


  • Get Emotional Support: Get support from groups, a counselor and people you trust. You need support. You deserve support.

I hope  this information helps you or someone you love! 

Remember, a miscarriage is never your fault and is often because something about baby’s growth wasn’t compatible with life outside the womb. It’s a painful process to have such a loss and I know there are no words that really bring comfort.


But please know that you are loved, whole, and wonderful through it all.

Read more in this new article on miscarriages, where I’m giving you information about why they happen, what are the early signs, and what are some of the things you can do to prevent it.

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