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We are a team of women and men, physicians, nurses, business people, educators, counselors and clergy.   We are connected through our shared passion for women’s health, marriage, and the dignity of the human person. We believe that by properly integrating an understanding of fertility awareness into healthcare, women will be better served, and better understood.

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We have network of caring minds, capable of providing women comprehensive care that acknowledges the unique way their body works. 

We have experienced the health, healing and joy possible for women without the many harmful side effects of chemical, hormonal contraception.

When a woman discovers and practices modern fertility awareness based methods FABM's, she not only gains an understanding of scientifically researched and proven methods to postpone and achieve pregnancy, which also strengthen her marriage.  She is equipping herself with the ability to understand her health and fertility, throughout all stages of her life. From menses, to pregnancy, to menopause, fertility awareness is safe and effective healthcare. 

It is time to empower women without drugs, and without harm. Modern Fertility Care is here to help.

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meet the collaborative

"Individually we are one drop.  Together, we are an ocean.”   

~Ryunosuke Satoro

Arlene Milon
Executive Director 
Modern Fertility Care
Integrative Nutrition Counselor

"I have gained so much knowledge about my body in recent years while studying fertility awareness and nutrition.  I am thankful to Father Jay for inspiring us on this journey to create Modern Fertility Care. I only wish my husband and I had relied on this knowledge sooner in our marriage through the challenges of having two children, among heartbreaking miscarriages.  I can’t wait to spread the word to young woman and help physicians get trained in finding the root cause of so many women’s issues.”

Dolores Shipe.jpg
Dolores Shipe
Director of Education, 
Modern Fertility Care 
Billings Instructor

"Trusting in God, loving each other and understanding the science of fertility awareness are the threads that have been woven together to shape my marriage, family and overall lifestyle. For me, it started when I was engaged, working with an instructor to learn about my body. It didn’t take long to realize how much fertility awareness was going to impact my life. I am excited for every woman, no matter her age to learn the amazing benefits."

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Ashley Dillon
Director of Programming,  Modern Fertility Care 
Billings Instructor

“I’m passionate about educating women of all ages and couples with the knowledge that their fertility is a blueprint of their overall health. Fertility Awareness has played a huge part in my own marriage journey and I’m so excited to help other couples discover the many benefits of modern fertility awareness!”

Father Jay Donahue
Spiritual Director

"Our Creator truly saved the 'best for last' when he created the Woman last. It is up to us to honor his creation with medical science that supports what we already knew. The women in my family continue to be witnesses to the gospel of life and how wonderfully God empowered them to practice healthy modern fertility methods. Being a priest and a brother to seven siblings, an uncle to 38 (plus one on the way) and one of 84 grandchildren, I see the joy of how my family embraces life and fertility awareness."

Blaise C. Milburn, MD
Obstetrics and Gynecology,
NaProTECHNOLOGY® Medical and Surgical Consultant  

“A sound understanding of a woman’s cycle is essential for understanding her fertility and gynecological health. Half of my patients come to me with a previous diagnosis of 'unexplained infertility'. This is unacceptable.  Natural Procreative Technology has helped so many couples struggling to conceive. Learning modern, fertility awareness methods is safe, healthy, and an effective way for women and couples to postpone or achieve pregnancy and serves as a map for me to help them.”

Kirsten Lin, MD
Family Medicine, Marquette Instructor, FEMM Medical Consultant

"Introducing women to charting their cycles on the FEMM app has been a game changer in my practice.  I love empowering women with a new understanding of their bodies so they are able to make decisions in order to achieve their goals.  Additionally, looking at their app charts, shows me what is going on with their cycles if they are having any issues."

Katerina &
Michael Deem, PhD 
Asst. Professor School of Nursing 
Center for Healthcare Ethics

"There often is a disconnect between the ideal of informing patients about their health and actual practice within the context women’s health care. We believe that promotion of FABMs and attention to women’s psycho-social needs after pregnancy or pregnancy loss serve to counterbalance one-sided approaches to women’s health that medicalize fertility and pregnancies, and merely ‘manage’ their postpartum needs. The holistic approach of the Modern Fertility Care initiative works to empower women to make informed choices about their own bodies and well-being."

Dave & Maria Phelps
MLB Pitcher, Phillies
 Couple to Couple League Instructors and FEMM trained

"Practicing, teaching, and studying modern fertility awareness continues to deepen my understanding of my body, strengthen my marriage, and ignite my passion to share it with everyone. It is truly incredible to see the science of women’s health growing and expanding so rapidly. Empowered by the  knowledge of Modern Fertility Care, women become informed advocates, not only for their own physical health, but also their spiritual, emotional, and psychological health."

Fr Jim.png
Fr. Jim Holland
RN, CNS, MSN, ACNS-BC, MDiv Marquette Instructor, FACTS Speaker

"I wish more women were taught to chart their cycles at an early age.  I counsel too many couples with infertility issues that could have been avoided if more physicians were trained in effective treatment for various cycle issues.  The majority of challenges I see are related to a short luteal phase."

Regina Donahue
MS Clinical Psychology
Integrative Nutrition Counselor 

"As a pro-life feminist woman and mother of five, I am thrilled to take part in the mission of Modern Fertility Care. The better we understand our bodies on a scientific level, the better we can understand ourselves so as to live out the authentic femininity that will change the world."

Marguerite Duane, MD
Family Medicine,
FACTS Founder and Exec. Dir.

"I was 29 and a new physician before I ever heard about fertility awareness based methods (FABMs). My senior resident, Dr. Pearl Huang, explained a way women can manage their fertility without any medical side effects. I was stunned. As a physician, how was it that I knew nothing about this? Something critical dawned on me, how can I provide high quality comprehensive women’s healthcare if I don’t understand this whole aspect of women’s health? I started to learn about FABM’s for personal use to address my own menstrual health and then I learned more so I could teach my patients.”

Lisa Ference, MD
Lifestyle and Family Medicine 

"Educating myself and subsequently my patients on natural and lifestyle measures that address the root causes of illness and wellness, has invigorated my passion for practicing medicine.  I have always had a strong interest in women’s health and have found that introducing patients to modern fertility methods has empowered them to take control of their own bodies. 

The principles I have learned through the American College of Lifestyle Medicine’s board certification process have provided me with countless tools, enabling me to guide patients to optimal health, just by making simple lifestyle changes. My dream is to get back to a “HEALTH-care” system rather the “SICK-care”system that exists today."

Drew Martier
Event & Partnership Director
Renew the I do

"As a husband, and father of a teenage daughter, I have seen firsthand how important our mission is. I am inspired and committed to grow this amazing movement that will educate couples and teens in all that we are learning from the experts. The science has never been stronger! Women of all ages need to discover the science, beauty, and power of Modern Fertility Care!"

Emily L.jpeg
Emily Lohr, PharmD
Pharmacist - Academia, Community

"With a full understanding of my menstrual cycle and pattern of hormones, my husband and I have been able to effectively space our children in a natural, healthy way. As a community pharmacist, I’ve had countless conversations with women who are misinformed about
 their fertility, or who have never been offered natural options of care by their doctors. We must do better. Fertility awareness education is an essential component of comprehensive women’s healthcare."