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FABMs faith and values

For so many women and married couples, Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) practiced to postpone or achieve pregnancy, not only satisfy a growing need for natural and organic reproductive health, they also align with what Catholicism has always understood about the dignity of the human person and the beauty of marriage.  In the early 80's, St. John Paul II's 129 Wednesday talks in St. Peter's Square, reflecting on the human body, established how God is revealed through the complementarity of man and woman. Today, Theology of the Body is honored at Modern Fertility Care.  

We are fortunate to have the inspiration and support from members of the clergy. We would specifically like to thank the following priests for their guidance, passion and prayers. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 1.32.07 PM.png
Fr. Joe Freedy
Co-Founder Dry Bones Ministries
Pastor: Assumption, Sacred Heart, St. John Neumann
Fr. Adam Potter
Co-Founder Dry Bones Ministries
Parochial Vicar: St. Teresa of Kolkata
Fr Jim.png
Fr. Jim Holland
Marquette Instructor, FACTS Pastor: Our Lady of the Lakes
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