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Discover Your Superpower!

We teach YOU to observe, track and embrace your natural cycle, so you may become

your own best health advocate and connect YOU to a community of caring health professionals who can find the root cause of your cycle concerns. 


Take a Class

We offer monthly classes in Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) from passionate, certified, instructors who teach the observable signs of your natural cycle, for better overall health and to effectively avoid or achieve pregnancy.

 Solve Infertility Issues

We refer women and

couples struggling with infertility,

to Restorative Reproductive Specialist,  Dr. Blaise Milburn for  NaProTechnology® treatment solutions.

Medical Checkup

Find a Caring Professional

We connect you to area health professionals, trained in fertility awareness methods and restorative medical protocols, to help correct abnormal cycle issues. 

The Modern Fertility Care Collaborative 

We are a team of women and men, physicians, nurses, business leaders, educators, counselors, and clergy.  We are connected through our shared passion for quality women’s health, marriage, and human dignity.

Research and Education Partner 


Fertility Awareness Based Methods

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