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infertility & pregnancy loss

There are no adequate words for women who experience infertility and pregnancy loss. It is devastating. However, there is hope. The first step is looking closely at a woman’s cycle through charting. There are many indicators of treatable issues through the natural signs of a woman’s body.  And, there also may be a need for medical intervention. We have the information and resources to refer women to medical professionals who are determined to help. 


"Unexplained infertility" is not an acceptable diagnosis.  Women who experience infertility or pregnancy loss can use Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) to discover any underlying health issues that may be the reason for their struggle.

Take the next step in using FABMs to help understand infertility and pregnancy loss

An additional resource that may guide you in your journey. 

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Organic Conceptions, a program that helps couples better navigate emotional/mental health when struggling with fertility, is the first organization to research and map the pivotal psychological transitions from couples who unexpectedly overcame fertility challenges.

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