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postpone or achieve pregnancy

Whether you are trying to achieve or postpone pregnancy, Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) are effective and reliable. Learn your body's natural signs to determine your fertility each day, with regular or irregular cycles. Once you recognize the few key days you are fertile each month, you can then manage your life according to your intent. 

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When used correctly, FABMs can be up to 99% effective in postponing pregnancy. 

"Understanding Fertility Awareness is a tremendous gift for our marriage! The science of it has helped us to both postpone and achieve pregnancy at different times and for different reasons. It has given us a deeper appreciation for the way God made my body, and the way in which my cycle impacts daily life and daily decisions. It is beautiful to know my body, to know that my husband understands and respects its natural processes, and has encouraged us to continually communicate with one another about what is in our hearts, and how God is calling us to build our family.”     

~Regina & Jim

Take the Next Step in using FABMs to Postpone or Achieve Pregnancy

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