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We're so happy you are interested in exploring the amazing benefits that Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) have to offer. 


No matter where you are in your fertility journey, FABMs can help you take charge of your health by learning the simple signs of your body’s amazing, natural cycle.   

If you're new to FABMs, you'll see that that there are five methods offered, all with different benefits  depending on your lifestyle and how much information you desire. 

Why Take a Class? 


The answer depends on where you are on your fertility journey. 

Once women recognize the key signs of their fertility, they begin to grasp how their bodies communicate with them. With this knowledge, women can develop routines in sync with their cycles to be more vibrant, creative, productive, and confident.

 There is not a cookie-cutter, “one size fits all” when it comes to learning your body. So the classes will recognize your individuality, who you are, and why you choose to learn your body. When trying to achieve a pregnancy, women discover the optimal times to have intercourse. In order to postpone pregnancy, women simply don’t have intercourse on fertile days.

There are significant changes when a woman is postpartum and breastfeeding. Most likely, she is not trying to achieve a new pregnancy immediately and it’s important to be able to identify the new signs her body will have. To avoid any frustration and fear that women may feel, it is important to be proactive and know what to anticipate when the time comes.  

The biggest step is learning how to recognize the natural signs of fertility that your body is communicating to you.  By taking a class, you will learn how to chart those signs and with the help of a certified instructor, you can interpret what is going on. If there is a need for a medical professional and additional testing, the instructor will direct you.  

Peri-menopause can be a very difficult and challenging time in a women’s reproductive life. Fertility Awareness can help the women to navigate confidently through the frustration and challenges.

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modern methods

Modern Fertility Care supports a variety of natural Fertility Awareness Based Methods (FABMs) through courses taught by our certified instructors.

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download an app

An app can be a great tool to support you in your fertility journey.  Here are two options we recommend.

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A trained FEMM instructor teaches women, through 'in person' or online classes, how to monitor hormonal and other signs of healthy fertility in their monthly cycles. FEMM trained medical consultants use a woman’s cycle information, provided via the FEMM app to treat hormonal imbalances, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis and PMS. FEMM also offers a teen program on how to chart cycles and recognize potential health issues.

To learn more, or take an online class, visit

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An instructor trained in The Billings Ovulation Method® teaches women, through in person or online classes, how to recognize her body’s natural sign of fertility - cervical mucus, through sensation and observation. There are four simple rules that are applied within the woman’s cycle based on the intent to achieve or postpone pregnancy. The initial session instructs women how to chart and follow up sessions review charts and address individual concerns and goals.


To learn more,


Taught in person by a certified CCL married couple, this method uses a combination of changes in a woman’s cervical fluid and body temperature, both with change in response to the hormones of the menstrual cycle. With this method, a woman takes and records her temperature in the morning, every day and then cross references with observations of her cervical mucus throughout the day. The course consists of three monthly classes and follow up.


To learn more, visit

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In an introductory session, a Creighton FertilityCare instructor covers basic anatomy, research, effectiveness, charting and an introduction to NaPro Technology that can help women with a wide range of reproductive issues including PMS, PCOS, hormone dysfunction, infertility, repeated miscarriage and more. The remainder of the course is eight private follow up sessions that occur at specific intervals in the cycle and important for successful use of the system.

To learn more, visit

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The Marquette Model is a Hormonal Fertility Monitoring method, taught by a medical professional, that uses a combination of ovulation test strips and an electronic fertility monitor, such as the ClearBlue Easy Fertility Monitor, in addition to observing cervical mucus.

To learn more, visit

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Helping you achieve your 
health and reproductive goals. Providing a complete solution for women’s health.

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Get pregnant faster, avoid pregnancy naturally, or learn more about your body with one of the most trusted digital fertility charting systems.

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method selection survey


Need some guidance selecting the right method for you? 

Answer the questions below and provide us with your contact information on the next page.  Your info will be kept private and an instructor will review your answers to provide a recommendation via email.

Do you have any diagnosed issues with your cycle? (Check all that apply)
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meet our instructors

Dolores Shipe.jpg
Dolores Shipe
The Billings Ovulation Method®
Certified Instructor

"As a Billings instructor for 20 years, I have successfully taught women to determine their fertile days when trying to achieve OR delay pregnancy, whether their cycles were more typical, or they were in the middle of breast feeding or peri-menopause. All women should learn the natural signs of their fertility.”  

Dave & Maria Phelps
Couple to Couple League Instructors and FEMM trained

"Practicing, teaching, and studying modern fertility awareness continues to deepen my understanding of my body, strengthen my marriage, and ignite my passion to share it with everyone. It is truly incredible to see the science of women’s health growing and expanding so rapidly. Empowered by the  knowledge of Modern Fertility Care, women become informed advocates, not only for their own physical health, but also their spiritual, emotional, and psychological health."

Susan Loughnane
Certified Fertility Care Practitioner

“My passion in working in the FertilityCare field comes from my own personal experience of having hormone dysfunction (severe PMS) and receiving the proper treatment through NaProTECHNOLOGY®. I was so inspired, that I went through the training program to become a Practitioner for the Creighton FertilityCare™ System and now help women/couples find solutions for their reproductive concerns. Teaching women/couples how to chart the woman’s menstrual cycle and seeing their knowledge turn into power when making decisions  is an awesome experience. Finding a medical model of charting that could be used as a tool in my own health maintenance was revolutionary!”

Kirsten Lin, MD
Family Medicine, Marquette Medical Consultant and FEMM trained

"Introducing women to charting their cycles on the FEMM app has been a game changer in my practice.  I love empowering women with a new understanding of their bodies so they are able to make decisions in order to achieve their goals.  Additionally, looking at their app charts, shows me what is going on with their cycles if they are having any issues."

Fr. Jim Holland

"I wish more women were taught to chart their cycles at an early age.  I counsel too many couples with infertility issues that could have been avoided if more physicians were trained in effective treatment for various cycle issues.  The majority of challenges I see are related to a short luteal phase."

Brian & Laura Hall
Couple to Couple League,
Sympto-thermal Method

"We have been teaching the Couple to Couple League, sympto-thermal method for 19 years.  We have been married for 29 years and have 6 children.  We enjoy teaching couples this method which improves and strengthens marriages."

Ashley Dillon.jpg
Ashley Dillon
The Billings Ovulation Method® Certified Instructor

“My husband and I have experienced fertility issues. As we navigate this journey together, I have become very passionate in helping women and couples to become empowered with the knowledge, that their fertility is a vital sign to their health and whole well-being! Early education is needed to help detect any cycle abnormalities and this knowledge empowers them to be proactive sooner than later.” 

Aubrey Miller
The Billings Ovulation Method® Instructor in practicum

“I have been working as a Physician Assistant in Family Medicine since 2017 and look forward to assisting women and couples in understanding fertility.”  

Brigid Tebaldi.jpg
Brigid Tebaldi
The Billings Ovulation Method® Instructor in practicum

“I am passionate about showing women (and men) the power and beauty of the human body, how this method can empower them to understand their fertility and help identify any underlying issues.” 

Jen Stickle
The Billings Ovulation Method® Instructor in practicum

“I am so excited to teach women, couples and teen girls how to listen to what their bodies are telling them and helping them take ownership of their fertility!”  

Jess Mitrick
The Billings Ovulation Method® Instructor in practicum

"After being introduced to fertility awareness at the Joy Filled Marriage weekend with Renew the ‘I do’, I was excited to learn how to practice it in my marriage! I am now married with 2 beautiful children and feel called to teach women about their fertility."

Marta Le Grand
The Billings Ovulation Method® Certified Instructor

“It is dignifying that every girl and every woman be taught the beautiful inner workings of her body so that she is empowered to live life to her fullest. This is why I teach.” 

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